Banyan Cafe

Food + Coffee + Tea + Catering


Two locations in St. Petersburg, FL. Serving the community quality food and coffee


The Banyan Cafe has been in business for many years, but in August 2018 the Nova Family took the ageing cafe over to give it the modern make over it needed. The Nova Family is represent by Hernan Nova, his sons, his wife, and his dogs.

We are the same Banyan you have come to know and love with some new amazing staff members and ideas. We have brought in the highest quality specialty coffee from Buddy Brew Coffee. We are serving some of the finest teas in the world from Spirit Tea Company. We are extending hours (soon!), adding beer and wine (soon!), and bringing a whole new creative and innovative menu.

At Banyan we believe in quality food and quality service. We don’t skimp on either. We provide a relaxing and welcoming environment for business meetings, social outings, private dinners, or just your daily cup of coffee. Come for the quality. stay for the experience.




MLK - (727) 896-6100

Central - (727) 896-6600

Catering - (727) 710-2019


Banyan on Central
710 Central Ave
St. Petersburg, FL 33701


M-T 8a–2p
F - Su 8a–2:30p

Banyan on MLK
689 Dr MLK Jr. Blvd
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

MLK Hours

M-F 7a–2p
Sa + Su 8a–2:30p


Banyan Drink Menu

Book our catering

To book us for catering call (727) 710–2019 from 5a – 11p daily, or book online below.

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